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An agency for the phygital world.

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Welcome to the now frontier.

Today there is no wall between the physical and digital worlds. What happens in one creates an echo in the other. We call this The Phygital World, it is where modern consumers live and it is at the heart of everything we do.

With this in mind we make the digital world tangible and the physical world limitless. In doing so we add a new layer, a Phygital dimension, that creates greater value and engagement, for our clients and consumers.


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Al Hilal Bank

360° Campaign

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The Challenge

Al Hilal Bank is an Islamic bank that works hard to maintain and live by its core corporate values. The Bank is also known for its standout orange branding. The task at hand was to increase awareness of the bank's position on sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices.

We began looking for opportunities to help the UAE environment. Our initial focus was on the capital, Abu Dhabi, and its inner city traffic, which can be a real issue making journeys to the bank laborious and time consuming.

The Campaign

What if we didn't have to drive to the bank? What if it came to us? And so, eGrab was born—the world's first eco-friendly, emission-free mobile banking branch that visits you, not vice versa—providing convenience to customers short on time, helping them save on fuel and parking costs whilst also reducing air pollution.

On board you'll find everything you need for daily banking including a teller and ATM machine. All of which make the name 'eGrab' very appropriate!

The initiative was in such agreement with the UAE's eco-friendly policies, that His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan attended the inauguration and launched the bus himself generating a lot of additional PR.

Our awareness campaign featured the silhouette of eGrab against the majestic Abu Dhabi skyline. The 'invisible' bus alludes to just how 'light' this mobile branch is on the environment.

Online, users were able to track and locate the bus as it travelled around the capital.

On Facebook, we went beyond awareness, setting up a permanent tab to show the bank's long-term commitment to thinking green. To encourage our followers to think green themselves, we launched the 'Think Green and Win' campaign where users shared Al Hilal's eco-tips via their own Facebook and Twitter accounts, spreading eco-awareness amongst their peers.

The prize for sharing tips was a Think Green iPad loaded with eco-friendly apps.

The Results

The social campaign resonated very positively amongst our target audience. As a result Facebook fans grew by 21%. We witnessed a sharp spike in activity as over 700 people engaged with our page daily, sharing eco-tips and creating nearly 16500 new stories. This helped us achieve a reach of over 200,000 unique users daily throughout the campaign.

Many followers posted their own eco-tips on our wall while others enthusiastically took part in conversations about environmental issues and the reform of societal eco-agendas in the UAE.

Inches to Togetherness


Facebook Activation

The Challenge

With most brands in the region confused about how to use social media and more people in the region confused about the role of brands on social media, how could Subway, being a quick service restaurant, engage people? How could we make it more talked about and improve its social currency? How could we reach hearts, beyond bellies and bottom lines?

We targeted the period prior to and during the initial part of Ramadan, a time when Subway has traditionally faced a decline in its sales. We needed to be more visible, emotionally connected, interactive and talked about while being simple and true.

The Campaign

Subway stood for eating fresh. We needed to think fresh. That meant avoiding the clichés associated with the Ramadan season and going beyond generic imagery. NO MORE MOONS. Instead, we wanted to focus more on the values that people relate to on a human level leading up to Ramadan.

We looked at the common values shared between Subway and Ramadan: family and friends coming together, refreshing food, fun and good times, generosity and good deeds. We wanted to achieve bigger gatherings, better and happier moments and more generosity.

Social media is all about connections. However, in the UAE, with most expatriates living away from their family and friends, people do feel distanced and disconnected, especially leading into a month like Ramadan when people come together. We wanted to create a social media experience where the more time people spend at Subway and the more they order, the closer they get to each other.

By choosing Subway as the fresh and healthy choice for their post-fasting meal they could be closer to those friends and loved ones who are far away. Subway therefore gets people closer together. By inches.

Our idea: Togetherness is only inches away.

To communicate the spirit of togetherness, we selected Subway’s sandwich platter as the hero product. Given the widespread popularity of Facebook in the UAE, we selected it as the primary platform to bring the experience of “togetherness” to life.

We wanted to create the world’s first virtual Ramadan iftar tables and make our Facebook page a social experience to get together with those who are far away. With every purchase of a Subway platter, people received a card with a code. Using the code featured on the card, they accessed our Facebook app and started their table by inviting 6 friends.

We went further and rewarded togetherness with all-expenses paid trips for the 4 most active tables.

We also created the world’s longest virtual Subway sandwich with an idea that stayed true to spirit of generosity and good deeds that one associates with Ramadan. Every platter purchase was accompanied with a 6” inch sandwich donation to a credible UAE charity—that virtual sandwich grew more with every inch as Ramadan went along!

All media awareness was focused on driving people to the Facebook page. We wanted to be in places other brands wouldn’t be in the period leading up to Ramadan which is normally cluttered with generic Ramadan communication.

The Results

People tasted Subway, they created their tables, they came together with every inch. The community was responding enthusiastically and the conversations were growing.

More people came on board. Our Facebook page fans doubled in the period pre-Ramadan and during the first 10 days of Ramadan an acquisition rate that 7 times more than the average—a fantastic benchmark for Facebook in the region.

People became fans and fans became participants. Over 5% of the fan base was actively engaged and talking about us everyday. Fan engagement increased 10 times. At times, almost 50% of the page was talking about it.

Ultimately, Subway sales in the UAE increased by 9%.

We created a really engaged food community that put Subway right at the heart of the dining conversation.

And with more user-generated stories about their experiences together with their families and loved ones, the community engagement will grow with every inch.

Today I Will


Augmented Reality Application

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Momentum and Coca Cola teamed up to launch the Today I Will campaign, developed by FP7/DXB and aimed at inspiring the youth across the region. The campaign aggregated inspirational stories from the young influencers of the region and encouraged consumers to share their own stories for a chance to be featured on the Coca Cola can.

The Campaign

To bring the campaign to life, Momentum first gathered inspiring stories from such influencers as Saudi rappers Black R and Alanoud, a fashion designer and prominent fashion blogger, and featured them on the Coca Cola cans, Facebook and YouTube. Next, Momentum developed a Facebook Augmented Reality application which enabled users to view the videos embedded in the Coke cans just by holding a can of Coke in front of their cameras. Users were then encouraged to record and upload their own inspirational stories.

In addition, to unveil and gather insights on the Today I Will TVC and create buzz around the campaign, Momentum organized an event with the region's most popular bloggers and tweeps.

The Results

The campaign was a true success. In just over a month, the Facebook page aggregated 90,000+ fans and created engagement with the region's consumers.

Digital? Physical? Combining both, the campaign is true manifestation of what Momentum stands for - Phygital.

Nivea 100 Years


360° Campaign

Launch Website

The Challenge

Trusted to care for skin for generations, Nivea was looking to celebrate their 100th anniversary. True to its Phygital essence, Momentum created a strategy that united online and offline efforts that marked the anniversary and leveraged it to engage Nivea fans and potential customers.

The Campaign

As part of the initiative online users were encouraged to share their stories of how Nivea has touched their lives throughout the years. Momentum designed and developed a microsite and Facebook page where users could upload their stories, read others' submissions, and learn more about Nivea's history. To connect with Nivea customers offline, Momentum created an iPad application, which enabled consumers to take pictures and print them in the form of Nivea 100 years adverts, installed at locations throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The Results

As a result, Nivea aggregated 3,000+ stories from consumers across the region and 6,000+ picture submissions.

Martin Yofre

Business Director


A creative suit. Ad man. Digital adventurer. Argentinian brought up in Bahrain. Music lover and movie buff!

Barna Szoke

Associate Creative Director


A true lover. Internet addict. Award winning bird paparazzo. Former judo practitioner. And a heroic druid healer.

Rey Amio

Sr. Digital Art Director


Multidisciplinary designer, creative coder, digital polymath and technology epicurean. At turns obsessed with guitars, photography, graphic novels and epic RPGs.

Ramesh Parappurath

Digital Art Director

A passionate creative. Loves photography, coffee, technological innovations, trends, styles, tools and rules.

George Zamroud

Sr. Digital Designer


A Digital freak! Very much into social media, loves photography, fashion and cooking. Always trying to put a smile on everyone's face.

Bahaa Fe

Sr. Digital Designer


Easygoing and positive spirit. Enjoys music, drawing and reading. Energetic yet silent from time to time. Loves cheese and hates desserts.

Saniya Saifi

Graphic Designer


Daydreamer and optimist. Loves art and fashion. Celebrates cultural diversity. Dreams of traveling the world one day.

Sooraj Thazhath

Sr. Interactive Developer


An interactive developer who is always on the lookout for new technologies to master. Music and cricket lover.

Pankaj Nainwal

Sr. Software Engineer


A software architect with an unrelenting drive for finding the most elegant solution to any problem. Part time sailor. Average cricketer.

Uday Desai

Sr. Technical Lead


Dependable, multi-dimensional, optimistic. A wide reader. Cricket and table tennis lover. Likes music, traveling, and gadgets. A family man.

Hana Zarour

Account Supervisor


Has 7 years' experience within all advertising domains. Obsessed with sports and fitness. A music lover who will always enjoy a good night out.

Mohtab Arabiat

Senior Account Manager


A gamer at heart that spends his spare time as a cinephile with a healthy addiction to books and tea.

Maya Kaabour

Account Executive


Agency's baby. Digital lover. Enjoys escaping reality through good reads. Ex-sushi chef. Loves food and the underrated value of a cold pint and rich conversation.

Girlyn Buenavides

Digital Account Manager

A creative digital chick and self-confessed shopaholic. An epitome of grace under pressure. Motivated, non-conformist, fashion-forward. Sugar junkie!

Layal Zeid Al Kilani

Senior Project Manager


A Jordanian brought up in KSA. A digital enthusiast at heart. Music and movie lover and kickboxing fanatic. Ready for a challenge anytime. Bring it on!

Aakriti Goel

Strategic Planner


Digital ninja and marcomms enthusiast. Lived in 6 countries. Always challenging the status quo. Part-time tiramisu chef, full-time explorer.

Lameese Hajissa

Social Media Manager


Total writer. Twitter aficionado. Music ninja. Social media scholar. Zombie guru. Internet lover.

Bruno El Adm

General Manager


Thoroughbred ad man. Ex Saatchi & Saatchi, YR and M&C Saatchi. Loves windsurfing, SuP, snowboarding, jogging, cycling and the occasional tennis game.

Patrick Honein

Creative Director

Multi-awarded creative director specializing in unconventional and digital communication. Has worked on and led major accounts both in Europe and the Middle east.

Amal Chidiac

Art Director


An art director with six years cumulative experience in branding, illustration, and advertising. Amal has worked in digital agencies in Beirut and Barcelona.